Katara International Racing Pigeons Exhibition
February 16 - February 18, 2020

Katara International Racing Pigeon Exhibition is the first of its kind in Qatar and the largest in the Middle East. It’s an exhibition of international standards and includes many activities, and cultural and entertainment events, with the participation of international companies specializing in the production of everything related to pigeons. The exhibition is held in coordination with the Federation Colombophile International (International Racing Pigeon Federation).


An integrated commercial and cultural exhibition for pigeons, which promotes this hobby and contributes to its spread, as one of the most important sports of the Arab tradition.


Presenting various pigeon breeds, and attracting a wide audience of amateurs and traders, through the cultural and recreational events associated with the exhibition.


Upgrading the pigeon keeping, which is an integral part of the Arab culture and heritage.


  • Katara Cultural Village strives to set up an international trade fair, organized annually, so that Katara becomes the first centre for everything related to pigeons.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange and transfer of experiences and knowledge about pigeons.
  • View, promote and sell various breeds of pigeons.
  • Identify the emerging trends in pigeon keeping.
  • Attract enthusiasts to acquire pigeons from inside and outside Qatar.
  • Monitor and archive pigeon history.


Price 500$

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